“The Retreat” is a short story that was started some time ago, actually 1994…  only recently had I dusted it off and after about four years, have done something with it that I’m very pleased with…

Also, in 2004/2005, I released a book called “CodeBase” by Chris Johnson.   It’s available for free as a Kindle book to Amazon Prime subscribers and is available as a paperback for less than $15.00.

Here is a short story called “The Polymethamphetalene Coated Lightbulb Epidemic“.

And for your consideration, if it pleases the panel; A screenplay, or rather a series of three screenplays and a fourth which is a slight repackaging of the first two…  Not to mention that they all were written with original music, not so much as a musical but as performances within the films, as they would be presented if produced…  Again, written by Chris Johnson…

  1. Aries Dawn
  2. The Other Side Of Blue
  3. Going To Orange County