New Logo Design

The logo above is the latest version of the SPEKTRUM Creations Logo, newly created for 2017.  I revived the SPEKTRUM Concept logo that I’d been using still, here and there, though this is more elegant, in my opinion…  Plus, by combining the two logos, I’ve given more focus to the reasoning behind the name’s origins.  So, as I’d mused before, “Do you hear the colors?  Do you see the notes?”

For comparison, below are the two different files that I’ve been using for about the past 15 years, having updated them in 2002 and have gotten a lot of mileage out of them… …Ever since the first sketch in 1992 and then the first digital graphic done in 1995 on Windows 95 using Paint.exe… oh boy…

I really liked this image and it was designed for use as something of a mockup for the Bartime trailer… To learn more, read “The Other Side Of Blue” or find it under ‘Writing‘.