Here’s the music hub of, which features the music of Chris Johnson and friends…   Besides some covers, and trust me there are quite a few of them, there are also a decent number of original tracks and other material by Chris Johnson, New Media Artisan: which in this case is represented by the sound and musical abilities of the artist who plays guitar, keyboards, sings, writes, and otherwise performs, records, mixes and masters all of his work, these days with very humble technologies; an iPhone and a Windows 10 Tablet PC.

I’ve been playing my main guitar for 25 years this year and Stoney Kingston Buckthorne is up for a couple repairs soon.  The re-introduction of the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept to the fretboard of this particular guitar seems only fitting as it was the guitar that I, Chris Johnson originally hand-painted with the same specific hues that are now available to the public from .

Here is a sampling of some of my material…

Originals by Chris Johnson

 Offline…(see Blog)