The PHAT Cave on Manao Radio KMNO – Maui 91.7FM

Above is a link to the weeks episode of Maui, Hawaii’s KMNO 91.7 FM Radio on, streaming at .  Catch the PHAT Cave every Friday in Kahalui, Maui, HI @6AM-10AM…  Phat Tony hosts…

Also, if you have an Amazon Echo device you can simply say, “Tune in to KMNO radio…” and it will use the Tune-in app to stream Manao Radio live.

Recording because of AI Gaslighting?

Okay, so I made it to Colorado and I have tried to relax tonight but I got to thinking about an interesting topic… Gaslighting by AI and even intelligent, learning systems… Scary thought huh?

Imagine it. ‘The Beast’ system, a step forward in quantum computing where the learning, intelligent, ‘super-duper’ system basically takes all input as fact. No discernation between moral or ethical objectives, subjective or otherwise, just what it’s programmed for besides perhaps some inclination to judgement where the entire world is being gaslit to pursue a ‘Matrix’-like reality.

Perhaps I’m just jet-lagged. It was a bumpy flight in but I am planning to record none-the-less…

Needless to say, I’m having a hard time sleeping.

The last time I was here in Denver, I had to return early because my grandfather had passed.

This time though, I find myself recording and for a number of inspirational reasons. more to come… …as you can tell, i am scattered tonight.

heading to Colorado

pretty soon I’m going to head to Colorado. I’m really looking forward to it! I will be visiting some family. And probably focusing on just relaxing.  

I just saw Chicago and the Doobie Brothers also.  here’s a couple photographs from that show in Kansas City at starlight in Missouri.