Recording because of AI Gaslighting?

Okay, so I made it to Colorado and I have tried to relax tonight but I got to thinking about an interesting topic… Gaslighting by AI and even intelligent, learning systems… Scary thought huh?

Imagine it. ‘The Beast’ system, a step forward in quantum computing where the learning, intelligent, ‘super-duper’ system basically takes all input as fact. No discernation between moral or ethical objectives, subjective or otherwise, just what it’s programmed for besides perhaps some inclination to judgement where the entire world is being gaslit to pursue a ‘Matrix’-like reality.

Perhaps I’m just jet-lagged. It was a bumpy flight in but I am planning to record none-the-less…

Needless to say, I’m having a hard time sleeping.

The last time I was here in Denver, I had to return early because my grandfather had passed.

This time though, I find myself recording and for a number of inspirational reasons. more to come… …as you can tell, i am scattered tonight.

Here I come Denver…

That’s right! I’m headed to Colorado again for three weeks for a hiatus, to record my fourth album of originals that will be independently released around Christmas…

Check back in December 2017…

heading to Colorado

pretty soon I’m going to head to Colorado. I’m really looking forward to it! I will be visiting some family. And probably focusing on just relaxing.  

I just saw Chicago and the Doobie Brothers also.  here’s a couple photographs from that show in Kansas City at starlight in Missouri.

News on the horizon…

Well, I just got an email.   So, all I will say for now is that, like the title of this post indicated, there will be some news soon.  I’m really looking forward to this…

Chris Johnson
New Media Artisan
SPEKTRUM Creations

Always Reminds

I was looking through some older files on my hard drive and ran across this one which Eric Boyce helped me write.  I wrote the music and I’ll post that first but, he wrote the lyrics, which I will post after the text I sent him…  Oh that’s right, we were in two different states at the time.  I was in Kansas City, Missouri and he was in San Diego, California…

So here are the chords and music info:

“Always Reminds”            April 19, 2009

___________ nut
| | | | | | 1
| o o | | | 2
| | | | | | 3
| | | o | | 4
| | | | o | 5
E5(no 3rd)
___________ nut
| | | | | | 1
| | o | | | 2
| | | | | | 3
| | | o | | 4
| | | | o | 5


   E5(no 3rd)

Intro & Verses
||: E5 - E5(no 3rd) :||
Break between verses and before choruses
D - A
||: E-E-D-A :||

Change at end of Choruses:
	 C - D
Then back to first E5 of Intro/Verse

The scale that I've been soloing in is E Mixolydian, 
which is more or less just the fancy technical way of 
saying that I'm using the basic major scale in the 
key of A Major.  

(see this webpage: )

So that and this audio track are what I sent to Eric…

and then he sent me this back…

…with his vocals on a mixdown of the track I’d sent.  Plus as I’d requested, he sent just a vocal track…   …which I worked with and was able to easily sync with the original track I sent him, which he used for the recording session…

Here is one of several mixdowns with Eric singing the vocals…  This was basically the final cut with Eric on vocals.

Here is the finished track with me on vocals…


Latest um, Karaoke?

Again, some more of the studio master tracks without lyrics, sung by Chris Johnson and performed by the respective artists.  I find this interesting and fun…

I consider it a set of control samples that will give you an idea of what I would do with these tracks, so you can have some expectations when listening to actual covers and originals by Chris Johnson…

And as always, enjoy!

Some of my favorite original material…

Here is a playlist of a few of my favorite songs that have been recorded and released on this website…  All songs are written by Chris Johnson except for “In The End”, which was written by Eric Boyce and “Cold Rain & Snow” which was co-written with Eric Boyce.  All performances are by Chris Johnson.