The Official Neck Illusions with the Exclusive SPEKTRUM Creations Concept design is now for sale…   That’s right, it’s

Some things never change and it’s true when you learn how to play the guitar. First, you need to get familiar with your guitar learning how to hold it, how to tune it and of course, how to pick and strum it. Pick yourself up a guitar tuner and learn how to use it, it’s a must! Eventually you will need to learn the notes on the fretboard in order to really unlock the guitar’s secrets, this is where the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept comes into play. A simple but intelligent design, each note on the guitars fingerboard is represented by a specific color and will never change according to the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept as long as you stay in the standard open C tuning of

In developing an elegant way to teach the notes on a guitar, I don’t recognize the flats as it were but only the sharps. Since sharps and flats are synonymous, I only recognize the sharps to avoid unnecessary confusion. Be aware that every sharp has a flat, for example: A# is Bb and C# is Db etc… B and E have no sharps and F and C have no flats.

Because the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept aids primarily in identifying the notes on the fretboard of your guitar and will in that way provide a shortcut for learning, it is very important to state that there is no shortcut for practicing. You must practice and learn music as early as you can so as to create a solid foundation to build upon. Knowing the notes on the fretboard was my biggest hurdle in learning how to play the guitar. Practice is key, I can’t stress that enough. Practice helps build muscle memory and familiarity with the guitars fretboard and thus the notes on said fretboard. What you put into it is what you will get out of it.

By creating a learning method that is beautiful, simple and intuitive, be assured this system works to help you learn the notes on the fretboard.
That being said, I am pleased to announce that SPEKTRUM Creations has been working with Neckillusions.com to bring this concept to reality…

Check the store soon… or order now through the Neck Illusions website.



Here’s the music hub of SPEKTRUMCreations.com, which features the music of Chris Johnson and friends…   Besides some covers, and trust me there are quite a few of them, there are also a decent number of original tracks and other material by Chris Johnson, New Media Artisan: which in this case is represented by the sound and musical abilities of the artist who plays guitar, keyboards, sings, writes, and otherwise performs, records, mixes and masters all of his work, these days with very humble technologies; an iPhone and a Windows 10 Tablet PC.

I’ve been playing my main guitar for 25 years this year and Stoney Kingston Buckthorne is up for a couple repairs soon.  The re-introduction of the SPEKTRUM Creations Concept to the fretboard of this particular guitar seems only fitting as it was the guitar that I, Chris Johnson originally hand-painted with the same specific hues that are now available to the public from neckillusions.com .

Here is a sampling of some of my material…

Originals by Chris Johnson

 Offline…(see Blog)



“The Retreat” is a short story that was started some time ago, actually 1994…  only recently had I dusted it off and after about four years, have done something with it that I’m very pleased with…

Also, in 2004/2005, I released a book called “CodeBase” by Chris Johnson.   It’s available for free as a Kindle book to Amazon Prime subscribers and is available as a paperback for less than $15.00.

Here is a short story called “The Polymethamphetalene Coated Lightbulb Epidemic“.

And for your consideration, if it pleases the panel; A screenplay, or rather a series of three screenplays and a fourth which is a slight repackaging of the first two…  Not to mention that they all were written with original music, not so much as a musical but as performances within the films, as they would be presented if produced…  Again, written by Chris Johnson…

  1. Aries Dawn
  2. The Other Side Of Blue
  3. Going To Orange County



Here I come Denver…

That’s right! I’m headed to Colorado again for three weeks for a hiatus, to record my fourth album of originals that will be independently released around Christmas… Check back in December 2017…